Plain Papadom Or Spicy Papadom 0.75

Thin flat wafer made from urid dall


Onion Bhajee (E) 3.85

Sliced onions mixed with gram flour & deep fried. served with mint sauce


Samosa (G) 3.85

Vegetables or Lamb mince Pastry, served with tangy sauce


Bhuna Prawn Puree (G) 5.45


Crab Cake (C)(E) 5.45


Tandoori Platter (D) 6.95

Lamb tikka, chicken tikka and sheek kebab


Vegetarian Platter (G)(E) 5.45

Kachori, onion Bhajee, Samosa

Tandoori Lamb Chops (D) (M) 6.25

Lamb chops served with Kachmber salad.

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