Moghlai Specialities

It reflects the royal traditions bequeathed by the Mogul Emperors; rich and exotic.

Chicken or Lamb Korma (D) (N) 9.95

A mild dish cooked with almond, coconut & fresh cream Mild.



CHicken or Lamb Rogon Josh 9.95

Medium spiced with Kashmiri masala with Tomatoes & garlic.

Hydrabadi Biryany Dishes

A Princely Mughal speciality

A mixture of basmati rice with your choice of lamb, poultry or vegetables with exotic spices steam cooked to perfection. Biryany dishes are served with vegetables sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Biryani (D) Served with Cucumber Raita 12.95

Choice of Chicken or Lamb cooked in a sealed pot with basmati rice & aromatic spice.

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