Tandoori dishes

Indian barbecue From The North-West Frontier. Marinated over night in yoghurt, ground spices and barbecued in Tandoori,. Tandoori is a barrel shaped open toped with special clay walls. The main feature of the dish is the flavour imparted to the cooked item because of the clay walls.

Tandoori Chicken (Half of Chicken) 8.95

Saffron flavoured on the bone chicken marinated with herbs. Served with Salad.


Chicken Tikka (D) (M) Chunks of boneless chicken or lamb Served with Salad 8.95


Sheek Kebab Minced lamb broiled on skewers Served with Salad 8.95


Salmon Tikka (D) (F) Salmon fish lightly spiced. Served with Salad 12.95


Tandoori King Prawns (D) (M) (C) 18.45

Saffron flavoured Bangladeshi king prawns lightly spiced served with salad


Mixed Grill (G) (D) (M) 17.95

A platter of Tandoori Chicken , Chicken Tikka & Lamb Tikka, Kebab

Served with Naan & Curry Sauce.


Tandoori Lamb Chops (D) (M) Served with Kachmber salad. 12.95

Parsee Dishes

Parsee dishes are cooked with lentils, garlic, fenugreek leaves & ground spices with a sweet & sour sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Dhansak Served with Pilau Rice 12.45

Dhansak sauce is a combination of lentils with garlic, fenugreek

leaves & ground spice


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