House Specialities

Lorient Special Chicken (D) (N) (M) Speciality of Durbar   10.95

Cooked with onions, yoghurt, tomato, capsicum, almond, coconut

in hint of spice cream sauce.


Moghulai Badami Chicken (D) (N) 10.95

Chicken immersed in delicate blend of mild spice consist of pistachio &

cashew nut sauce.



Lamb shank marinated with yoghurt, garlic & ginger Slow cooked with wild lemon.


Lime Chicken (N) 9.95

With onion, coconut milk, lime juice, lemon grass, chilli and ground spice.


Chicken Tikka Masala (D) (N) (M) 10.95

A delicious dish, full of fl avour, tandoori cooked chunks of chicken immersed in creamy lightly spiced, tomato, yoghurt, almond & coconut in exotic masala sauce


Beef Mejbani Home style beef cooked with clove, ginger, golden onion. Hot 11.95

Whole spice used to produce a rich in flavour & texture.


Lamb Hindustani (N) 10.95

Lamb with Roasted spice, garlic, ginger & ground almonds.


Special Chilli Chicken (SB) 9.95

Fillet chicken with onion, green chilli & Soya sauce Hot


Kashmiri Lamb Shank (D) 11.95

Slow cooked with Yoghurt, Kashmiri Chillis, Tomatoes, grated mace with saffron to

give colour and aroma.

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