Pilau Rice (D) 2.95

Basmati rice cooked with spice, herbs in ghee with saffron for colour and fragrance.


Steam Rice Plain basmati rice 2.85


Special Fried Rice (D)(E) 4.95

Basmati rice cooked with scrambled egg, peas & onion.


Lemon Rice (M) 4.95

Basmati rice cooked with Mustard seeds, curry leaves & lemon zest.


Naan is a indian bread freshly baked in Tandoori over a clay oven. the main feature of the dish is the flavour imparted to the cooked item beacause of the clay walls. Naan is soft leaved white flour bread.

Naan (G) (E) (D) (S) 2.95


Garlic Naan (G) (E) (D) (S) Filled with Fresh garlic & Coriander 3.25


Shahi cheese Naan (G) (E) (D) (S) with cheese 4.45


Peshawari Naan (G) (E) (D) (S) (N) Stuffed with coconut, almonds & raisins 3.25


Paratha (G) (D) 3.25

Whole wheat bread fried in butter, an unleavened bread with rich, flaky layers.


Tandoori Roti (G) Whole wheat bread baked in tandoori 2.95

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