South Indian Specialities

King Prawn Malaber (N) (C)

Mango and Coconut milk with & Jeera seed sauce 15.95


Madras 9.95

Choice of Chicken or Lamb. Cooked in hot spice curry sauce. Hot & Sour


Kholapuri Chicken (D) (M)(MU) 11.95

Tandoori chicken on the bone, in a spicy sauce. Very Hot


Lamb Chettined (N) 9.95


Specialities of Goa

Goan cooking has been an integral part of Bombay’s cuisine for many years. Robust, hearty, coconut based and with a strong Portuguese influence.

Chicken Or Lamb Xacuti (N) (D) 9.95

A blend of several rare spices with whole dry chilli & coconut. Very Hot


Prawn Balchao (C)(N) 9.95

Fresh Prawns cooked with tomato, vinegar & dried Shrimp pickle base sauce. Hot


Vindaloo 9.95

Choice Chicken or Lamb in spice curry sauce with potatoes & palm vinegar. Very Hot

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