South Indian Specialities

King Prawn Malaber (C)

Mango and Coconut milk with & Jeera seed sauce 15.95


Madras 8.95

Choice of Chicken or Lamb. Cooked in hot spice curry sauce. Hot & Sour


Kholapuri Chicken (D) (M) 10.95

Chicken on the bone in a spicy sauce with chilli, ginger and fresh lime. Very Hot


Lamb Chettined 9.95


Specialities of Goa

Goan cooking has been an integral part of Bombay’s cuisine for many years. Robust, hearty, coconut based and with a strong Portuguese influence.

Chicken Or Lamb Xacuti (D) 8.95

A blend of several rare spices with whole dry chilli & coconut. Hot


Prawn Balchao (C) 8.95

Fresh Prawns served with, temoteo, vingar & dried Shrimp pickle base sauce. Hot


Vindaloo 8.95

Choice Chicken or Lamb in spice curry sauce with potatoes & palm vinegar. Very Hot

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