Bay of Bengal Specialities

A rich, mouth watering flavour of exotic spices of the Bengal continent makes these dishes unique, standing apart from most culinary delights, the essence of which one can now discover.

Lamb Rezala (D) 9.95

Medium spice sauce with onions, bullet chilli, capsicums & yoghurt.


King Prawn Shorisher (C) (N) 15.95

Cooked with onion in medium spiced sauce, fairly dry with ground spices.


Chicken Tikka Jalfrizi (D) (M) 8.95

Cooked with strong ground spice, green peppers & green chilli. Hot

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Malai Kofta (D) (M) (N) 6.95

A Spongy vegetables balls stuffed with Indian cottage cheese in a creamy sauce.

Brinjal Jalfrezi 6.95

Whole baby eggplant with strong ground spice, green peppers & green chilli. Hot


Dall Makhani (D) 6.45

Lentils cooked with medium spiced makhani sauce (tomato & butter).

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