When the Durbar first opened its doors in 1956, Syed Abdul Quddus with his brothers, Syed Mahmod Ali and Syed Abdul Motlib, made his dream of sharing his excitement and passion for fine Indian home cooking became a reality.

Perhaps Syed would be surprised that, fifty years later, authentic Indian food is still prepared and served by the same family at the same premises. Or that, within this time, the British love affair with curry would grow to embrace over 8,500 restaurants nationwide.

Since those early days, the Durbar’s menu has evolved from simple curries and rice to its present day menu of sophisticated dishes from all over the Indian sub-continent. An incredibly diverse range of regional cuisine is represented. Food as varied as the climate and scenery of India, from the snowy Himalayas to the coconut palms of the tropical south. Frequent recipe fact-finding trips by the family have ensured that the menu constantly changes with each discovery of new delicacies.

The Durbar today is a place to be seen in, as well as a place to sample culinary delights. The fashionistas of Notting Hill, stars of stage and screen, musicians and politicians all beat a path to the door of the Durbar, and the unique ambience to be found therein.